OutPut Messenger 1.6.5

OutPut Messenger 1.6.5

OutPut Messenger 1.6.5

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Output Messenger is the instant messenger that is intended for inter-office communication and collaboration. Output Messenger Download private and secure instant messaging platform delivers a ton of functionalities that significantly enhance the way you and your team do business communication and team collaboration. Aside from internal communications and collaboration, this intranet messenger also improves business productivity and relationships with colleagues inside the office.

OutPut Messenger 1.6.5

Instant Messenger Features

Instant LAN Messaging
Communicate instantly with your colleagues, team/project leads through One-to-One chat and Group Chat securely within your LAN (Local Area Network)

Instant Messenger Group Chat
Group Chat, Custom Groups, Chat Room
Message and transfer files to multiple users, who are in online as well as offline, at a time through groups. Especially, Chat Room keeps all chatted conversation with it.

Instant Messenger Video Call
Voice and Video Calls
Go to the next level of communication through Video Conferencing which lets you to meet virtually face to face and collaborate in real-time.

Instant Messenger File Transfer
File Transfer
Share files of any kind from your Desktop or anywhere in office network through Drag and Drop. File transfer can be controlled by Administrator for security purpose.

Instant Messenger Desktop Sharing
Remote Desktop Sharing
Share your desktop or selective window with your colleagues securely in real-time to install, configure an application or replicate an issue that doesn’t occur on other end.

Instant Messenger Multi Device Support
Multi Device Support
Output LAN Messenger is accessible on multiple devices like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad and directly on your web browsers.

Homepage: http://www.outputmessenger.com/

OutPut Messenger 1.6.5 Download Link

patch : http://uploadboy.com/wv2mn36ye5ll/1277/rar
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    both links are dead. can you upload them again please?

    September 13, 2017
  2. og said:

    the patch is not opening .. please look at it again

    July 29, 2017

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